GMA economists are nationally recognized experts from major universities and have considerable experience at deposition, trial, and regulatory hearings. They work effectively with both counsel and corporate personnel. GMA also has a broad group of academic affiliates who are leading experts in their fields.

Dr. Raymond S. Hartman, Director and President
Renee Rushnawitz, Senior Economist and Managing Director

Michael Augusteijn, Senior Director
Professor Christopher F. Baum, Academic Affiliate
William Christopher, Senior Analyst
Professor Rena Conti, Academic Affiliate  
Dr. Keith Drake, Director 
Justin Dychala, Analyst
Bennett Erickson, Senior Associate
Professor Stan Finkelstein, Academic Affiliate
Professor Richard G. Frank, Academic Affiliate
Amy Froelich, Senior Associate
Professor Jerry Hausman, Special Consultant
Robert He, Analyst
Brian Hebert, Consultant
Dr. Miguel Henry, Economist
Sarah Honan, Associate 
Lisa Howe, Bookkeeper  
Dr. Douglas Levy, Academic Affiliate
Casey Logan, Technology Director
Karlo Lozic, Analyst
Dr. R. Forrest McCluer, Senior Director and Senior Economist
Professor Thomas McGuire, Academic Affiliate
Anita Mohandas, Associate 
Professor Joseph P. Newhouse, Academic Affiliate
Tobie Owens, Office Administrator
Dr. Mark Rainey, Director  
Professor Meredith Rosenthal, Academic Affiliate
Lisa Selker, Economist  
Xin Sha, Data Scientist
Dr. Martha Starr, Senior Director and Senior Economist
Sarah Stone, Senior Analyst
Michael Suriawinata, Analyst