Greylock McKinnon Associates (GMA) provides expert economic analysis and litigation support to a diverse group of domestic and international clients in the legal profession, the business community, and government agencies. GMA economists are nationally recognized experts from major universities and have considerable experience at deposition, trial, and regulatory hearings. They work effectively with both counsel and corporate personnel.

Expert economic analysis, i.e., the development of appropriate economic theories and empirical support for those theories, can help companies to make business decisions, lawyers to build strong legal cases, and governmental agencies to make policy decisions.

GMA conducts economic, statistical, econometric, and financial analyses for clients requiring economic advice. GMA experts understand the importance of analyses that are clear, precise, and relevant. As a result, we use methodologies that range from simple supply and demand analyses to extremely sophisticated econometric techniques, based on the specific requirements of the case at hand. GMA experts have a special expertise with analyses involving large data sets.

We have consulted for companies making business decisions, such as whether to undertake an acquisition or how to set prices, and governmental agencies making policy decisions. We also have extensive experience working with both corporate personnel and counsel in all activities required to bring litigation to trial, including:

  • Assisting counsel to develop economic theories relevant to litigation
  • Drafting and presenting affirmative, rebuttal, and surrebuttal testimony
  • Assisting counsel in deposition and cross examination
  • Drafting and evaluating interrogatory and deposition questions
  • Managing and summarizing databases, trial documents, and depositions
  • Preparing trial materials and exhibits.